A Bio Company,
pursuing total care for human health


Symbol mark

It means that all members are united for health and happiness in one big circle. As the meaning of the symbol, it expresses our willingness to think about the future of human health, and toward the more advanced look.


In principle, the use of a watermark is based on the output method by computer data, but if the digital manuscripts are not available due to the characteristics of the media, the watermark should be used so that the shape does not change by the grid system.

Color Regulation

  • C 10 / M 60 / Y 100 / K 0

  • C 0 / M 0 / Y 0 / K 40

  • C 0 / M 0 / Y 0 / K 0

  • C 0 / M 0 / Y 0 / K 100

The CI color is an important factor in image transmission for various media such as print and sign, so accurate colors, brightness, saturation, etc. must be maintained and managed.
Sign works must be applied according to the color standard for the sign, and careful attention is required to express accurate color.